The Five Elements

Published 15/09/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

The Five Elements

The five elements of the ancient Chinese are metal, wood, water, fire and earth. These elements interact with one another i8n specific and fascinating ways. For instance, when we burn logs, we can see that wood produces fire. When the fire burns out and only ash remains, we say that fire produces earth. When we think about a mining operation, we say that earth produces metal. When water condenses on a metallic surface, we say that metal gives rise to water. Finally, when we onserve trees requiring water to grow, we say that water gives rise to wood. This completes tyhe cycle.
In Chinese culture, people apply the five elements to everything from acupuncture, medicine and feng shui to human reactions. They illustrate the cyclical nature of the world and our dealings with one another. They also give us a glimpse into the workings of karmic connections.Why is it that some people benefit you but not others? Why is it that a friend of a friend may be someone you do not particularly like? The five elements can give you insights into various life situations.

Five Chinese Elements - Diurnal Cycle

Five Chinese Elements – Diurnal Cycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Think about your nature. Which element best describes your primary mode of being? Are you down-to- earth? Do you have a fiery temper? Are you nurturing like water? Do you possess a steely resolve? Are you in tune with nature like wood? Think about the people who have always been good to you, and match their nature to the element that is beneficial to yours. Let the five elements help you find the harmonious optimum in your relationships.

Derek Lin



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