Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Published 22/11/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

WOW!…My little blog being nominated to receive ‘The Very Inspiring Blogger Award’, I feel so humble at the thought of even being considered ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to thank http://walkingnoline.wordpress.comย for nominating me, whom in their own right is a Very Inspirational Blogger with a great message regarding their own journey of awakening and thoughts based around Taoism which is also close to my heart ๐Ÿ™‚

My aim for this blog has been simple, to try and share my spiritual awakening experiences, to try and inspire others especially children to take a look at life, look at the earth we live on and take time out of our busy lives to be considerate of other human beings no matter their race, color or religious belief, to help as many people as possible along my way and to seriously look at our beloved Mother Earth, the environment we live in and the destruction we are allowing to happen right in-front of our eyes, each and every day!

I’m no politician, I’m not a wealthy CEO sitting on Wall Street, I have no magical powers, I’m just a concerned and caring individual who wants to make a difference. With the help of friends and touching peoples hearts through compassion, love and happiness, I intend to do my best each and every day, one step at a time, I will do better and i will reach out and leave an impression of good in peoples hearts ๐Ÿ™‚

Part of being a recipient of this award is stating five things about myself…So here goes.

1) As my About page states: – This is my own personal journey of awakening and my guided pathway lit by my Spiritual guides and Angels to help me and like minded people like me create a healthier and happier Earth for us all and the following generations to live in.
My aim is simple, it is my calling to follow my destiny and continue on this journey, each day placing one foot forward always learning from others, never judging, remaining consciously in the now, enjoying nature and all it has to offer and helping as many people as possible along the way.

2) I work in the field of Behavioral Psychology, I work with companies and individuals and look at Personality, Behaviors, Motivation and Potential, and we also help council individuals and families in distress and look at supporting the spiritual growth and awareness of environmental protection to the younger generation.

3) I have a passion for photography and have two separate photo blogs where I share my work with many friends all around the world ๐Ÿ™‚

4) I live in China, have a great interest in Chinese history, Taoism, Buddhism and the teachings of the Chinese sage’s Lao Tzu and Confucius.

5) I love my wife and my four children, they are my inspiration, they are my soul mates and provide me with the love, joy and happiness that fuels my passion and gives me the motivation to reach out and help others each and every day.

The most difficult part of receiving this award is nominating five other bloggers to receive it. All of the blogs I follow also inspire me, in many different ways…So I guess I had best stop waffling and get on with my nominations, as follows: –

I do hope you enjoy these nominations ๐Ÿ™‚



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