It’s OK not to be OK

Published 05/12/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

I completely agree with Wendy on this one, it is ok to not feel ok.
Be inspired to meditate, seek your inner-self, find happiness from within and pursue your life’s dreams.


The Calm Monkey

Life’s really tough at times, isn’t it?  Sages and spiritual leaders are often helping so many people by giving advice on how to be happy. Many say our purpose is to be happy.

I know the pain of being unhappy and I know I’m not alone in this. Each one of us has had and will continue to have life’s ups and downs – it’s part of being human. We cannot know happiness without having felt sadness.

I am absolutely honoured and blessed when someone opens up to me about what in life is getting them down.  When I can help somehow or even just offer a confidential ear, it’s a gift to know I am trusted.

The point of this post is simply this – it’s OK to be unhappy, stressed or feeling like nothing is going well. However, my request to anyone reading this is to be aware…

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