Universal Responsibility

Published 14/12/2012 by inspiringyourspirit


Universal Responsibility.

What do we really want to acheive in this life?

Do you want safe water for everyone to drink?

Do you want safe and healthy food for you and your children to eat?

Do you want an end to infant deaths from disease?

Do you want to be able to walk the streets and feel safe?

Are you fed up with all the suffering going on around the world?

Do you feel sick to your stomach when you see animals being persecuted and pushed out of their natural habitats in the pursuit of progress and riches for the few?

Do you want to see an end to War?

This list could go on and on….How much longer can we sit here and do nothing?…

We can make a change, a change for the better!

Our voices must be heard, we need to do our part and take ownership and responsibility as individuals to call the powers to be and make a change to this world!

What can you do today?



7 comments on “Universal Responsibility

  • Pinned! I really like your positive, feel good vibe. Wish I didn’t have so many blockages so I could just breath easy and project love and light all the time.

    • Let’s help you get rid of that feeling and bring you into the light 🙂

      First Step: You need to feel good about yourself, when you wake up in the morning, praise yourself, feel good about who you are and give yourself some love 🙂

      Step two: Set yourself up for the day, focus your thoughts on the positives, smile, thing compassion, love, happiness and positive energy.

      Step Three. Ask the Angels to come and help you, ask the Arch Angels by name to come to you and ask them to help you get rid of your hitchhikers, Ask Arch Angel Ariel to heal you and Arch Angel Michael to protect you throughout your day and ask them to fill your day with positive energy and pure loving light. Thank your Hitchhikers for being with you but tell them their time id done and send them on their way with our your love, really thank them for being with you but tell them their time with you is over and they must pass on to another dimension, thank them again and say good bye.

      I hope this helps.



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