Where is Humanity?

Published 30/12/2012 by inspiringyourspirit

As I sit here watching this short video, I wonder how we will spend the next couple of days!…We will all rush out and buy more food and fill our tables with every possible treat known to mankind, we will celebrate New Years Eve with family and friends and we will ask for the New Year to bring us even more of everything we desireย and we will eat and eat until we are fit to burst!

I wonder how the family in the video will spend their New Year?



17 comments on “Where is Humanity?

  • Very powerful… and moved me to tears, especially the saying of Grace, as the father helped them to give thanks. Let us all do what we can to not only reduce wastage but to donate to worthy organizations doing hard work to help cure poverty and hunger. Thank you for sharing this!

  • thoughts:
    great short film / must see
    at least something is ‘recycled’ here, while most food industry in the west throw food away at a staggerring rate of 75% of the production approved for sales. There is also the unapproved part, then we still throw away a lot at home. The entire food cycle might throw away as much as 90%. If we could reach an efficient rate of 50% we would be easily able to feed 15billion people with our today’s production.
    most people dying of hunger do so in war zones. we are not going to solve their problem by wasting less food.

    • Hello Bert,
      I agree, food wastage is a huge problem globally and I also agree that many fellow humans die all around the world due to the effects of war….We can make a difference…each and every one of us..by speaking up against war…by pressurizing governments to do something for the under privileged, by giving when we can, by holding out our hands to actually help people in need.

      Hunger is not only happening in far off lands raging with war, it’s also happening in our own countries, it’s right in front of our eyes each and every day but we seldom see it, or choose not so see it.



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