Published 03/01/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Moving forward; together making this world a better place to live for all generations to come. The New Age is an aspect of yourselves, of each individual, that shows itself as love, respect, and compassion for all with whom you interact, and it leads unerringly to peaceful and harmonious exchanges of ideas that will bring an end to the suffering and deprivation that has been endemic on Earth for eons. And as a result trust among you will grow, be honored, and become the norm, just as it should be.

A great post by John Smallman

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There is an incredibly bright future ahead of you

01/02/2013 by John Smallman

[There is no audio version of Saul today because my voice has failed, temporarily]

The moment for feeling disappointed is over.  You have moved into the New Age and its benefits will become increasingly apparent as the year progresses.  You have all done an amazing job in bringing it in, and you are greatly honored for that.  The divine energy field enveloping the planet and all the life forms she supports is now much more intense and effective than ever before in your human history because your New Age allows it to be so.  The more aware and awake you become the greater the energy you can carry and use for the greater good of all.

Humanity is most definitely moving forwards spiritually after eons of stagnation and hopelessness that the constant conflicts and disagreements among…

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  • These are such inspiring words! I also believe that we have entered a good more enlightened era now, where we’ll move towards integrity and the exchange of ideas that will help our spiritual development and increase our awareness and acceptance of each other and the earth as one. Thank you!

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