What is my Mission in Life?

Published 21/01/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Many of us ask “Why am I here, what is my mission in life?”

Most of us never figure it out until some major event or shock taps us on the shoulder and wakes us from our slumber. It’s during these times of great stress that we’re fully alive and connected to the divine, the spirits, the god’s The Buddha or whatever it is you believe in with great attention, more than at any other time in our lives.
And that’s when we should take full advantage of what’s going on, looking within ourselves and finding out what we are actually feeling, and connecting to the wonder of the possibilities when we are so wide open and vulnerable.
Again that word vulnerable comes up, vulnerable to our own feelings, vulnerable to others who are suffering thus having compassion, vulnerable to establishing a heart felt connection to someone reaching out wanting the same.
Thus this is our mission, to open up, to feel, to love, and expect nothing in return except the gratitude of our own heart… rooted deeply in the love of the Divine, the ONE that means most to us!
Everything we connect to on this planet is God, The Buddha, the Tao, and the Universe… our love, lover, and beloved.

So, Do you know who you are and what is your mission in Life?…..


10 comments on “What is my Mission in Life?

  • To me, it’s all about following the threads of life and being open to where they lead. That approach never ceases to amaze me! And you’re spot on, Mark, that is a very vulnerable way to live…yet SOOOO powerful 🙂

    • Hello livonne, Thank you for taking the time to comment, your following and participation is appreciated 🙂
      One step at a time,letting go, acceptance and being open to change are all part of the continual journey of life and I agree with you many people still do not realize who they are or where they are going in life, and many never do!…Good luck on your personal journey of discovery 🙂
      Namaste with Love

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