Please Smile and Help!

Published 28/01/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

The Message is at the end, please watch.


5 comments on “Please Smile and Help!

  • Very powerful message delivered in a beautiful way…I am smiling, here is a smile for you Mark,

    A Genuine Smile

    A genuine smile joyfully gives to a day
    Much more value than one really knows
    It’s more than the gold light of the sun
    More soothing than the moons soft glow

    It reaches down deep within one’s soul
    Making such inspired feelings to arise
    It makes a heart’s flame leap forward
    From the dormant place where it did lie

    It causes a young heart to begin to pound
    And it brings about a shortness of breath
    It adds new meaning to life in one’s mind
    Along with a glow that will always last

    It’s a treasure chest full of beautiful jewels
    More valuable than a single pearl of great worth
    For a genuine smile is valued so much more
    Than any treasure which can be found in the earth.

    Wendell A. Brown,
    January 2013,

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