The legend of the serpent and the firefly

Published 06/02/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



Once upon a time there was a serpent that was persecuting a firefly. The poor firefly fled from the ferocious predator, using all the energy created by fear to speed him along.

The serpent, however, never considered giving up his pursuit, so he chased the poor firefly and made him run away, and again chased him and made him run away  the second and the third day.
The ordeal continued, until the end of the third day.
Without the strength to continue, the firefly stopped and asked the Serpent, “May I ask you three questions?”
The Serpent said with a haughty tone, “I’m not used to answering anyone, but since I am going to devour you, you can ask me anything”.
1) “Am I part of your food chain?”
“No” answered the Serpent
2) “Did I hurt you or provoke you in any way?” asked the firefly.
“No” repeated the serpent.
3) “So, why do you want to devour me?”
“Well”, said the Serpent, “because I can’t stand to see your shining light.”

In your life, there will always be “serpents” that will come about and try to steal your light and your dreams;….. you will have two options:
1) You can stop shinning your light, so no serpent will be after you any longer


2) You can let your light shine even brighter and learn how to deal with people like that.

The Choice is yours…Which will you choose?




13 comments on “The legend of the serpent and the firefly

  • I would like to answer the serpent, “I am here to love and I will love with all my hearts light. And it is too bright to see without becoming light with love yourself. Your welcome, now you too can be happy.” I choose to help the serpent. Thank you for this opportunity to contemplate how important shining my light is too me.

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