The Now

Published 20/02/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



In which tense are you living in now?

It’s ultimately your choice, so do ‘YOU’ need to make a change to ‘YOUR’ life?

Lao Tzu is a particular favorite of mine and I have studied his writings but he is only one of many great sages that can offer you great advice and help you bring your thoughts into the NOW.

The Now is where you need to be, you need to be happy and content with who you are and where your life is taking you, if not then you need to make a change.

I wish you happiness, love and peace.




16 comments on “The Now

  • So very true, our Point of Power is Now, This Moment in time, for its the only moment we are in, The second ago cannot be retrieved and the second to come is not yet here… Our Energy is in the Now .. In fact I once wrote a post entitled the Point of power is Now.. should you ever type in my search box ..
    Lovely Post ~

    Wishing you a Bright and Wonderful Day….. as you enjoy every Now Moment!

  • 100 % right but the problem is that most of the time I am absent. I try hard to be present but my mind like to wonder I think it has little interest in present. Joke apart I feel its show how much we controlled by our mind rather than we control it.

    I have a question does meditation help us to live more in present

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