Friendships and Our Spiritual Journey

Published 25/03/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


It’s the end of yet another day, a productive and happy day but as I sit here quietly contemplating I can feel tears rolling down my face one more time, tears of sadness and despair so I sit and wonder if my spiritual journey is becoming too much for me to bare….I ask myself ‘Why me, Why Now’, ‘What do I have to do?…..


Our spiritual journeys are all very different and our aims, needs and destinations are all very different too! In my case, I have no idea as to why I have been chosen to follow a spiritual journey; but all I know is, I must follow the path and help as many people as I can along the way.

My days and nights are often full of sadness, trying to juggle family life, business life, friendships and relationships at home and abroad whilst also trying to follow a spiritual pathway to an end we often still don’t understand. I have always been a soft hearted man, easy going as many might say, always putting the needs of friends, employees and business relationships before thinking of; or, caring for myself, never putting anyone down, smiling as often as possible and trying to keep a cheerful, sunny, caring disposition as much as possible, and certainly not intentionally doing anything to hurt or harm anyone or anything as I go. However, what I don’t understand is ‘why do our friends treat us differently as we grow spiritually? It’s like they no longer trust us, or think were doing something underhand, untoward or against them! They become distant and off-hand with us for no reason! Maybe its just me overthinking things too much or maybe it’s their lack of understanding or nervousness of where we may be headed…I honestly don’t know why they change, but I do know it’s upsetting and it breaks my heart! When we honestly ask ourselves which person or people in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those friends who, instead of giving much advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our journey, help us through the spiritual growing pains we are going through and touch our battle wounds with a gentle and tender supporting hand. The friend’s who we care for dearly who can be silent when the time is right and also offer words of wisdom and support to us in our moments of frustration, despair, lack of energy or general spiritual confusion, friends who can stay with us in our hours of need, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is in my opinion a friend who cares.

I still don’t know where I’m heading but I know I’m on the right pathway, I keep checking my direction at each and every kink and curve in the road, and look for clarity along the way. I don’t possess to be anything special, I’m just a simple man who needs to follow his destiny and love and help people along the way.

So my dear friends please, please be open and honest with each other because friendship is precious and love is needed by all, not just the few!


16 comments on “Friendships and Our Spiritual Journey

  • I have really enjoyed this thread. Thank you mark for posting.

    Throughout these posts there seems to be a some common denominator. The idea that your own and therefore a unique personal experience. Also that some people will come along and others will be left behind.

    My thought is what about when this person on this journey is the one pushing others away when they do not do or say things that fall within what the parameters of what their journey will allow. I find that people on this journey begin to have very specific ideologies that perhaps others may not understand as of yet. I am the one left feeling completely alienated as they have described this is about their “self” and will not divert from their path even though it would mean losing family and friends.

    Its a scary though to longer be a part of someone’s world particularly from a spouses perspective. I want to be a part of it but unfortunetly seems as though I am not worthy.

    do you simply leave these people to their journey. …

    I am currently in a relationship with someone who has

  • Dearest Mark, we are all on a spiritual journey it’s just that some of us are more aware of it than others. Most people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. As we move in and out of each others lives the more awareness we have of our spiritual journey, in comparison to others, is reflected by who remain or enter new into our lives. We are ‘becoming’ in each moment and those who love us no matter what will remain but there are sometime those who place a superiority complex on those of us who chose to consciously walk our path of spirituality and they are the ones who no longer understand us or leave our lives. We know that there is no superiority in the spiritual journey however those who do not understand it sometimes do as we begin to morph into a different version of ourselves. They no longer know us as the constant we always were and we can become alien to them. It is a vibrational energy and those of like vibration will stay, those of differing energy will distance themselves or vibe out. This is not a bad thing although it can be perplexing to us as we try to understand what happened because it can seem as though we just start talking different languages one day. Some of those who we considered to be great friends will go where there journey takes them and move off on their own path and all we can do is be happy for them and hope that life gives them the best it has to offer. It is ok to be ‘selfish’ too, taking care of yourself before taking care of others is just you showing yourself the same unconditional love that you show to others. Giving yourself to those you know as generously as you do is a wonderful gift, for everything you do for them is also done for you at the same time. We are all One so whether you give to yourself first or to your friends and acquaintances first, you are giving to the collective in one way or another. I wish you the best on your journey brother and I thank you for walking your path for it is important and it is valued, you are needed and you are loved. Peace, love, light & harmony. Namaste! -michelle

  • Why you? Because nobody else can accomplish your unique mission.
    Why now? Because you are ready.
    What do you have to do? Accomplish your mission. (But this is a choice, not a ‘have to’.)

    I feel that when tears roll and the spiritual journey feels ‘too much’ this is a wonderful sign that your Life is asking to grow. Say Yes, for you are ready. Nothing can be overwhelming when you have a big Life connected to endless love and light (your innate Buddhahood). I battled through 18 months of depression 24 years into my Buddhist practice and eventually found a spirit of saying: “I will go through whatever it takes to become the person I am born to be.” BTW, I do not think ‘powerlessness’ is a reality. It is an illusion. (A powerful illusion, mind you…) When your life grows, it is natural that your friends will feel unsettled.

    If you are constantly putting others’ needs before your own, you will exhaust yourself and be unable to carry on compassionate action. We must revere the treasure at the core of our own lives. When you do this, friends will naturally appreciate the dignity of your life and the path you have chosen. This is the Law of Cause and Effect.

    Thank you for your incredibly moving post.

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, keep going mate!


  • Sometimes others feel threatened by our personal spiritual growth, most accept us for who we are at any given moment and love us for being ourselves. A personal journey is just that – unique to you – learning to live and let live – maybe even leave others behind for it isn’t possible to help or carry everyone along. Take care go in hope and trust. keep writing 🙂

  • “but I feel comfort knowing there are others who go beyond the language barrier” ~Retired Seeker

    I wholeheartedly agree with Retired Seeker. There’s three of us here now, in this meeting place of ideas. In the physical world, I am sure others on the same journey will gravitate to the same places and times as you and you’ll connect.

    I’ve found that when my friends begin to react in strange ways, those ways are only strange to me. They are reacting as they would always have reacted to someone behaving and talking like me- it’s me who’s changed on THEM.

    I’ve learned to not fault them for their reactions- I accepted them before and I will accept them now. I will accept them even if they cannot accept the ‘new’ me. They may adjust, and they may not, but I assure you that you’ll never be alone on your journey. You might not always be able to distinguish us right away, but there are more us walking on the same road as you 🙂

  • Thank you so much for sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings of your the spiritual journey. I’ve found that there is a language barrier with those who have not taken a similar path. I’m sure some of my friends think that I have become strange in the way I try to express myself these days. It’s a lonesome road…but I feel comfort knowing there are others who go beyond the language barrier…who continue to communicate that which has no words. Love the pictures..Thanks….

    • Ah yes, language barriers…they can be a challenge my friend. What’s also interesting is how our own thoughts and therefore our actions change as we move forward on our own spiritual journey. I think i’m thinking and speaking clearly with no attachments, no preconceived notions or no intent to do harm or wrong doing, but maybe, just maybe this clarity of speech honest as it is intended it being mis-interpreted because of the level of spiritual meaning and language understanding.

      Would you agree?


      • I definitely agree that well intended communication regarding spiritual issues can be misunderstood on many levels. I have read and agree that sharing spiritual concepts is difficult with words because they are laced with our own individual perceptions. ~Namaste

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