Good Deeds

Published 26/03/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


What is a ‘Good Deed’? And should we do them or even need to do them?

Well, I guess that depends on what you deem as a good deed! In my mind a ‘Good Deed’ is something you do for someone else without any question as to why and without any need for a response, for thanks or for any form of repayment for that deed. It is a free service if you will, a no questions asked deed given freely from your heart and your very soul.


I remember my dear mother telling us when we were young to go out and do some good deeds for our neighbors, especially our elderly neighbors, like; go to the shops for them, mow their lawns, tidy their flower beds, clean their car, wash their windows, walk their dog, simple little tasks that made us understand the simple values of life, of being neighborly and how to communicate with others. But, how far does a good deed go before repayment in some shape or form comes around?

This also brings me back to my earlier question, ‘What is a Good Deed’?

If I see someone begging on the street, do I give him or her some money? Is that a good deed or am I giving them the money to give to someone else who is forcing them on the streets to beg for cash, or is that good deed giving them the cash to go and buy drugs or alcohol!

If I see someone fall on the street, should I stop to help them up, offer them a helping hand or will my act of kindness lead to them to blame me or allege I pushed them down in the first place!
If I see someone being accosted or robbed on the street should I intervene and offer support towards the victim or will that good deed get me in trouble and then become the one who is attacked and maybe even injured or killed!

Years ago, we would have not thought twice over doing any one of these good deeds for our fellow human beings, the problems lie with our society as it is now and how it has evolved! The worries of legal action has stopped us from becoming involved, we now turn a blind eye to our fellow humans because of the fear of legal action. We turn a blind eye if we see someone being attacked because of our fear of being hurt or injured.

The Internet and media are full of stories and videos of this nature and I’m sure we see them with our own eyes each and everyday. I know I have and each time it saddens me.

I have experienced accidents here in China where people have been lying in the street badly injured from being knocked off their bicycle but people don’t stop, they just look and walk right on by, cars and trucks just move on by and no one wants to be involved due to the worry of being implicated with the accident and held responsible for the medical costs!
I have personally been beaten on the streets by thugs for helping an innocent victim and people just walked on by while I was receiving a beating!
I have seen a lady being robbed of her cell phone in the middle of the day on a busy pedestrian street and whilst she was screaming and being kicked and punched by her male attacker, people all around her just walked right on by until the robber gave up, took the phone an just wandered away into the crowd!

I could go on and on, but it takes me back again to my question. ‘What is a Good Deed, and should we still do them?

Did you know there is a Good Deeds Organisation on the Internet?

I would love to know your thoughts and for you to share your experiences.


15 comments on “Good Deeds

  • So many look the other way these days Mark, and my hat goes off to you for standing your ground and helping others..
    Fear is what stops people from helping, fear of involvement, fear of implication, fear of being hurt themselves, Fear is what the criminals rely upon….

    I have never been in a situation such as you have described, but I hope my instinct would kick in to help others..

    My own good deeds have been to beggars on the streets, buying them sandwiches and drinks.. and dog food, as many have their pets with them to keep them company.. .
    Blessings for your own good deeds Mark..

  • As I read your post my heart was breaking at the lack of caring compassion for others in the points you made. We are all human, we are all one and as such we must make a point of helping others whenever we can and in the true spirit of compassion it is best if it is selfless. When we expect and outcome whether it be good, bad or karmic we are not truly expressing what the nature of compassion or selflessness is. I practice random acts of kindness all the time but rarely share it with anyone besides the person who is on the receiving end. I do not feel a need to tell anyone what I do for others because I know in my heart I have done the right thing in that moment for the other person. I have absolute faith that this ‘not wanting to get involved’ is now changing as we all begin to feel the mass awakenings going on around the world and I have absolute hope for humanity. When we have been through hard times ourselves and had someone come to our aid shouldn’t it be second nature to pass it on to everyone else when they need it and not just once but continuously. When we practice unconditional acts of service for others our hearts grow and we give even more to more people. I feel it is best that we give just to experience the act of giving after all it is far better than receiving any day and our souls grow and expand through it. Namaste loved ones. -michelle.

  • Sometimes it is scary, to do what we know to be right. But, then again, doing right (at least for me) is usually involves much more risk and much more effort than doing wrong. And if I don’t, who will? I don’t have the right to assume that the task should fall on the shoulders of the next person. Maybe they too are in a moment of need and can’t be of help. Very good post!

  • We all confront such things in our day to day life. Its hurt when we not able to go & help others though in our heart we know we are right still we choose what everyone or say our society do. I think we need to be more courageous in the act through which we can do good deed. 🙂

  • I think a good deed comes from your heart. There is a saying that no good deed goes unpunished… I never understood that saying well, to be honest, but I suppose many have suffered great burdens and even died to try to do what they feel is good or just. Hopefully, then, there is still peace with any suffering. What happens in the world is in large part not in our hands, so I would say, do what we can in daily life and hope for the best but also know the outcome may not be as expected. The rest is really left to “fate.” And at the end of the day, you have to report to God (or whatever god or gods there may be). But then, I’ve been told I’m not very practical…

  • Interesting question! I guess that I would say that if you are committed to doing good deeds – particularly if you are driven by your heart and compassion – then the outcome of that good deed is not really part of the equation. Sure, there are tons of outcomes that one could worry about, as you correctly pointed out in your post . . . but we have no control over an outcome, just our intent. This is true whatever we may be doing; it is only our own efforts that we can control, not the results. If one is truly led by compassion and a deep love for humanity, then the question of “should I,” or “shouldn’t I” when it comes to good deeds is not a question anymore, one simply does. I would like to say that I have reached such a lofty state of goodness, but that would be a lie. Just the same, I desire to be that person, and am working towards it every day. Great post! Blessings to you…

    Rising Hawk

  • I understand your concern for the seeming lack of compassion present in our society now. It’s almost like a period of disconnect in our evolution. If everything is evolving as it needs to then this disconnect would solve some purpose?

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