There are Angels, please watch!

Published 04/04/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

This young man’s story brought tears of sadness then tears of joy to my eyes as I listened first to his life story, then listened to him sing. There are Angels around us and he is one of them. And, considering what is going on between North and South Korea right now and the intervention and (mine is bigger than yours attitude) from other countries, it makes me once again think!….Why don’t we just learn to live together in Peach, Happiness and Joy!


9 comments on “There are Angels, please watch!

  • I don’t like how, often, these kinds of TV-shows put down people who aren’t as talented as the best. :/ When someone performs an act extraordinarily, the people treat him/her as an extraordinary individual. When someone performs well, people treat him/her as a good individual. When they perform the act badly, they treat him/her as a bad individual. Not always, but too often it seems… But the fact that they have these shows on TV, I think shows that we value these talents as important and that they define our human value.

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