“Nothing To Attain . . . “

Published 14/04/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

This excellent post is from a blogging friend of mine Rising Hawk http://risinghawkspeaks.wordpress.com



Bodhisattva Siddhartha Gautama determines that if he’s really going to attain enlightenment, the bowl will float upstream. And so it does… He subsquently attains enlightenment that very night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do I do what I do?

Why do I spend my time writing, blogging, risking being labeled as crazy, developing, devising, and suggesting methods to “attain” something which is already present?

I often ask myself this question. The entire premise seems ridiculous when viewed as I just described it. I don’t get paid, I’m not famous, and I have no scheduled appearances on any of Oprah’s programs, or tours with Wayne Dyer. And, “What is he talking about,” you may ask.

It’s one word. The term most often kicked around is “enlightenment.”

This word conjures up images of half-naked sages in mountain caves, or wise ones in flowing robes, and a whole litany of other associated notions. Just for the record, the outward appearance and the actual state itself are not related – at all.

If you come across a half-naked sage throwing dust on his head, or a man or woman in a saffron-colored robe with a bald head, or a person in some other form of “priestly” attire, or a very spiritual title, you are looking at an advertisement.

I do not mean that to be taken in the negative connotation of capitalist commercialism, (though that may sometimes be the case). What I mean is that these people are outwardly presenting the fact that they have a story to tell – specifically, about how they “discovered” what was never missing, how it changed their experience of life in a positive way, and maybe how what they learned could help you, too.

Personally, I find myself less and less interested in the idea of “enlightenment” when it comes to sharing and teaching. I AM enlightened…and so are you. The very moment that we take the position of wishing to attain the state, we “lose” it: You get caught in the trap of looking for something that isn’t missing. But there is a challenge. Although you are enlightened, that fact may very well be hidden from you by that master of illusion – your brain.

This is what ALL of the teachings about “enlightenment,” or finding true and lasting deep peace, or being the embodiment of compassion and so forth, are designed to address. We need a method of “getting around” our brain and selfish egos – and they play AMAZING defense.

You see, if you aren’t worried about anything, and have no expectations, no fear of death or rejection, and move through life without a care – totally at peace with the ebb and flow of existence – well, your ego does not like that at all.

I can recall when I first realized a glimpse of this state. The very first, (and immediate), words that arose in my mind were, “I have to re-think everything about my life now!” And that was quickly followed by a panicked, “You can’t do this!”

What is your brain going to do if you aren’t worrying? What will your mind do if you aren’t thinking everything to death? How can you relate to anyone or anything if the precious “identity” that you have worked so hard to build is no longer valid? What happens when you “die” to self, (as Jesus, Buddha, and practically every other spiritual master has taught us we must do in order to see God)?  I have the answer to those questions: NOTHING changes except your perspective. In that instant, all of your interactions are filled with…peace…and Divine love…and compassion.

So, there are times that I write about methods that can assist you in getting around the brain’s stubborn and relentless defense. I certainly do not do so for fame, or for recognition, (good thing, or I would be sorely disappointed)! I do it in an effort to end the mental suffering and anguish that so many put themselves through every day. And your realization of that dynamic peace will spread like wildfire into every nook and cranny of your existence; even more wonderfully, into the existence of those around you.

Understand, there is nothing to attain – but that “nothing” is hidden from many. Reflect upon this when you have a chance – it may bear you much precious fruit.

Keep Soaring,

Rising Hawk

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