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My mind is lost, it’s spinning and it seems to be out of control, and, no matter what I do to control it, it just keeps spinning!

I seem to have lost my clarity of vision, my intuition is clouded and my spiritual pathway has come across a roadblock, just like a great tree has fallen in my way.

I usually see life with such clarity, if an issue, a challenge or a problem arises I normally sit back, meditate and my clarity of vision takes control and within a short space of time I come up with the right way forward, however, right now I’m finding it difficult to be in the ‘Now’ to see things for what they are…and I just don’t know why!

Maybe you, my blogging friends can come up with some reasoning behind what is happening to me right now! Why am I feeling this way? ‘Lost’ is probably the best word to state how I’m feeling right now.



13 comments on “Clarity

  • I find that often we box ourselves in with our expectations of what life is supposed to be, and then something outside that box comes and nudges it’s boundaries, and usually it is then that we find ourselves spinning out of control. Try stepping outside of your current box to gain a new perspective on what is going on.

  • I believe that all who are growing spiritually reach points like this. It makes sense, really, since there is no, single stopping point on the journey. From time-to-time, we get pushed off track, feeling confused. I think that it is these times that the Infinite is prodding us to re-set our compass. Keep your spiritual “antennae” up, and be prepared to discover greater things. Namaste…

    • Thank you my friend, each step of the journey should be felt and enjoyed. I also now realise that stopping does not mean stopping / cancelling the journey but maybe for other reasons like gaining clarity of where you are heading or to just simply take a rest and gain some energy for the next phase of the journey:


  • Hey there, I feel very similarly to you, including the concerns about my faith. I wonder if we need our faith and path challenged in this way to be able to grow. It’s really hard though. Thinking of you.

    • 🙂 Thank you my friend…I’m now realising that these hold-ups on the road are there to remind us of where we are heading, for us to take stock on our journey so far, to re-group our thoughts, top up our energy levels, maybe change direction a little but ultimately for us to think about our journey and remember why we are on it 🙂

      Good luck with your journey, keep up the faith.

  • Dear Mark
    I guess we all have to go thru certain phases in our life, ups and downs of emotional turmoil. Its ok to be lost. Its ok to feel the way u feel. Jus remember that this too will pass.

  • “Spinning” might signify a “turning point”? ;). Perhaps too much trying to be like it “usually” is? Perhaps let the process unfold and see what transpire….not trying to control? Remember everything conditional is impermanent unsatisfactory and not self.

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