Earth Teach Me

Published 26/04/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

6 comments on “Earth Teach Me

  • Omitakuye oyase, which in Lakota (or Sioux), means, ‘All My Relatives.’ But this does not mean just our families, it means, all the people of our own tribe, or nation, all the 2-legged people (all the people of earth), all the 4-legged people (4-legged animals), all the flying and swimming people (all the birds and fish), all the crawling people (all the insects, and other animals), all the standing people (all the trees and plants), all the stone people (the rocks and stones), all the water, clouds, the earth, the sun and moon, the stars——–all of creation, for it is all alive and we are all related. After all, science does tell us, that all that is, is simply stardust from the earliest stars after the Big Bang.

    This video encompasses the philosophy of Mitakuye Oyase. Not surprising that it emerged from a Ute prayer. Lila washte yelo! (It is very good!) And it was done with chante washte (a good heart).

    Thank you for following my blog (Haiku by David). I happened to see your name and wandered over to your page—and I will certainly follow you too.

    Pilamiya (thank you),

    David Anderson

    PS: though this video inspired me to respond in Lakota–I am not Lakota, and am not even Native American (though we all have indigenous ancestors if we go back far enough). However, the Red Road is where my spiritual path has taken me. I certainly agree with your logo though—embracing all beliefs in Peace and Love.

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