The Sound of Flowing Water

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The sounds of flowing water connects us to the circle of nature and reminds us that nothing stops still in life and that change is a natural part of our lives. The soothing sound of flowing water blocks out other harsh noises and helps us deal with our own mental chatter.

The peaceful sounds of flowing water can help us calm our mind and release tension from our bodies. It can also improve our general mental and physical health. Water droplets produce beneficial negative ions, so, if we are close to flowing water we will inhale these negative ions which are then absorbed into our bloodstream. Negative ions are known to improve our wel-being, and our physical and mental capacity by accelerating the delivery of oxygen to our cells. That is why we can feel so refreshed and invigorated after a spring storm or by standing next to a waterfall.

Using Flowing water whilst meditating.

Try this meditation if you have been stuck inside your office or place of work for a long period of time or where the air is not particularly fresh or healthy.

If you have any flowing water nearby then sit on a cushion or chair near it or us a miniature water fountain.

  • Sit on a cushion, a chair or the ground near the water source.
  • Breathe normally and focus on the sound of the water for five minutes. Try to empty your mind of all thoughts. When thoughts intervene, dismiss them as passing thoughts and immediately return your focus to the sound of the flowing water.
  • With each in-breath, allow the sound of the water to deepen your relaxation in body and mind. Notice if you feel better physically when you are next to the flowing water.
  • Meditate for about ten minutes more and when you feel ready end your meditation.
  • Drink a large glass of pure fresh water and remind yourself to drink enough water everyday.



4 comments on “The Sound of Flowing Water

  • Great post Mark. Years ago when I first brought my Filipina wife and family to America, there were many stresses as she adjusted to a new culture. Previously, as we lived in Japan and the Philippines, her beauty and feminine ways took her far, and she had the world in the palm of her hand. America was an entirely new game and she hadn’t yet figured it out, not to mention the fact that we had lost a huge amount of money in the Philippines and were coming to America completely broke. Amid all the stress we fought constantly, and it seemed like it was getting to the point that she wanted to divorce me. One sunny afternoon, I told her we were going for a drive, but wouldn’t tell her where. I took her up into the mountains West of Denver, and after about 45 minutes we reached a small meadow near a river that I knew of. I told her that the Native Americans tell you to go talk to a river when you have problems. I pointed out a spot and said you go sit there and talk with the river.

    The change that came over her was amazing, she was re-energized, relaxed, calm, ready to face the world again, and she happy to be with me. And she probably didn’t even sit there for 30 minutes. We returned to that spot, and others like it many times. Especially when she is over-stressed.

    I am very fortunate in that Denver has a large Lakota (Sioux) community. They teach that water was the first medicine. There are some that will even say that you can heal anything with water, if you know how to. I regularly attend sweat lodges that are run by both local medicine men, and medicine men visiting from one of the Reservations. This is also a very powerful experience. Water is probably the most important aspect, but it combines water, fire, stone (earth), and air. It is very intense, but it is very amazing, and leaves you very relaxed, peaceful and content.

    Though for many people, it is probably easier and more practical to engage in the Water Meditation you shared.

    • David, Thank you so much for your beautiful reply, your story is amazing, very touching and also inspiring. I do believe you and your wife will continue to have happiness together as I’m sure you both have protection from your spiritual guides and the special connection with nature in your local area.
      Namaste my friend 🙂

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