Energy Vampires

Published 15/05/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Energy vampires will drain your energy, unless you stop them !!

By Heather Rulton.

Have you ever been around someone who can zap all your energy just being around them ? or know someone who makes you feel drained whenever you give them your time, whether be over the phone, face to face, or even over the Internet through conversation ?

They some how manage to bring your mood from happy to……wondering why your no longer happy! And if you are an empath, clairsentiant, or emotionally sensitive, you will be the main source they focus on as you have a giving nature and your souls purpose is to help others and give your time and energy.

Energy vampires thrive and survive on other peoples energy. They can not sustain their own energy level so they must feed off others energy to keep them functioning. Some know they are doing this and use it to their advantage by using others time, energy, emotion, by unloading their problems on you on a regular basis, while doing nothing to really help them self or by picking arguments, creating tension in order to feed off the energy the interaction creates.

Others don’t really know they are doing this, they believe they are helpless and a victim of the universe. They ask for help and when you give it, nothing is ever is really accomplished because after your efforts are given they do not sustain momentum, unless someone else is doing it for them. A good motto here is….Be willing to help those, who are willing to help themselves ! They may not do it intentionally but none the less they do it.

These are energy vampires. There are many more examples of the types but in the end they ALL thrive on your energy and anyone else who will give it to them. They are the chronic complainers, the pessimistic the manipulators, the ones who like to argue or twist your words, the ones who talk negative about you, the ones who want you to do their work, they are the ones who bring you down intentionally or not. Energy vampires are every where. You meet them almost every day. They can be your neighbors your parents, customers, friends, in laws, strangers, even your own children !

Now just because they take your energy does not necessarily mean they are bad people and you should cut them out of your life. There are ways to help deal with these people once you can identify them. You and use simple visualization techniques to place a protective energy shield between you and the other person or persons.

You can carry crystals or gemstones in your pocket that help with clearing up negative energy or giving you the knowledge to know when it is appropriate to give them your time or help them.

You must be clear about your boundaries with these people, and if you do not have appropriate boundaries on how you will allow other people to treat you…. now is the time to get them. Speak them and mean it. Do not let others take advantage of you or engage in arguments that only serve to feed them your energy, time and attention.

Limit your time with these individuals and do not, do for them them, what they can do for themselves Helping is always good but be sure your helping and not enabling them to use you or think they are not capable themselves.

Do not engage in power struggles and walk away when you find yourself being pulled into an argument or low energy conversation that will really do no good or accomplish any thing.

Every one in our lives need help from time to time, a shoulder to cry on, and ear to vent to, and harsh words are spoken some times too, but when this is a regular thing something is out of balance and if it’s not corrected that is when you are left with symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, frustration, resentment, even with short term head aches, aches, tension, or upset stomach and just an overall feeling of being drained…. when prior to your time spent with them you were fine.

Using protection is as simple as asking Spirit to place a bubble or wall of protection around you that will stop you from absorbing anyone else’s negative energy, and also to stop others from taking your energy. Energy Vampires are everywhere and most of us have to admit we have been an energy vampire at some point ourselves, but now that you know how to identify one, you can take measures to avoid the loss of your energy by someone else taking it without your permission, and you can be mindful not take someone else’s !




6 comments on “Energy Vampires

  • Yes I have come across those energy Vampires Mark, and use a protection exercise to help clear my aura etc.. Working as I do with those I support as well as connecting to the Spirit Realm we must be aware how energy exchange and drain, as well as the odd attachment which pops into our Auric space… Great post and advice

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