Leshan 7

Published 24/05/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Hi everyone,

Happy Vesak Day to you all, may your lives be filled with Love, Happiness, Compassion and excellent health 🙂

Sorry, I have been a little tardy and busy with mundane things like work 🙂 So I have not had so much time to update my post on my walk around the Leshan Temple in Sichuan China. So here we are continuing our walk around this stunningly beautiful place of worship which eventually leads us to the largest Buddha carving in the world ‘Dafo’, I do hope you are all enjoying this walk with me and my beautiful wife May (she is in one of these pictures)?



circle of the buddha


leshan buddhas

Mayand carving

8 comments on “Leshan 7

  • Fantastic photos and beautiful images within them 🙂 Love this walk with you! Thanks for taking us all with you…hope it isn’t too crowded on the path with all of us in tow! lol 😉

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