Help, Help, Help

Published 30/05/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Help, I’m Going Crazy!

And I thought I was strong enough to get through what I thought was a simple task!


WordPress is driving me insane and I’m using up all my levels of compassion, happiness and joy whilst trying to add side bar and header bar links!

I just cannot get them to happen! I have tried everything, read training materials, read books on WordPress, tried adding Widgets, Links, Pages and all those options …BUT NOTHING Works!

Is it just me? Am I that computer illiterate ?

How do you do it?…Someone, please come to my rescue!

I want to add links on the side bar and or side bar and header banners to other sites but I’m 100% lost!

I would really appreciate your help my friends





11 comments on “Help, Help, Help

  • If you just want a link to show where someone clicks it and it takes them to this other site, then copy and paste the following one line into the Text widget that I described in my earlier reply:


    Once it is copied then change the x’s to whatever the site is and then change the Y’s to whatever you want to appear in your blog page.

    I hope this helps you out. If not let me know.

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