” Ahhhhhh, My h…

Published 03/06/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

” Ahhhhhh, My head is spinning, it seems out of control, so many thoughts are racing through my mind, it’s like a run away train. These are not bad thoughts, they are images of people, the earth and animals in distress, our world in distress. My dilemma, what to do, which to tackle first, what to write about, how to bring these things to the attention of a wider audience!
My calling is to get these messages out to the world, to use my voice to help and to heal but I feel lonely, i feel lost, i feel abandoned by the world….What can I do!…I see people on Twitter, on Facebook, on WordPress, on Google + and on other social networks with literally millions of followers, most of these offer no information, they are bad, they drum up hatred, addiction, anger, resentment, greed, jealousy and more but they have millions of followers!…Where and who am I?..How do I get to expand my network?, how can I get my message/s out to a wider global audience?…..A tear rolls down my face yet again as I see the plight of this world and the creatures living on it and in it, children dying, suffering from hunger and disease, the oceans, rivers and lakes around the world full of pollutants, the air we breathe contaminated by pollutants pumped out in the name of greed, food prices driven up by the conglomerates to the point that no one other than the rich of the future will be able to afford them, lust, avarice and greed all around…more tear’s drop from my eyes…Why me, why now and what can I do to get my message out there!!!!”

May your day be filled with light, love, happiness and compassion šŸ™‚

6 comments on “” Ahhhhhh, My h…

  • I enjoy your posts, but have found the same to be true with my own blog. I love the community of followers and those that I follow – it is a most pleasant thing. But, they usually share the same or similar worldview as me, so I’m not really getting out a message that may influence the negative thinkers; because they are one of the millions reading something else. *Sigh,* I guess we are all the same in that respect – we read and follow the things that we agree with. Like Heidi’s response to you, I just keep doing what I am doing, in faith that it will land someplace where it is needed. I hope that you continue to do the same! Namaste . . .

  • You can only keep doing what your doing and trust that those who need to hear will hear. I love your posts and have found particularly your recent posts on Leshan very inspiring. Just keep on putting your message out there, and don’t worry about what’s going on with others. Namaste

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