Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Published 04/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


The love and deep compassion residing in our heart is a sign of us being at one with our God, it matters not which God we believe in because we all have our own faith and beliefs. When we are tuned into this love, we are at one with the universe and at one with all that is. We feel compassion, we feel love and we are guided by the grace of God.

To be in the heart is to be free of the everyday traumas that our lives bring to us. Love gives us freedom, it brings us joy and happiness, it is our destiny and our home.

The freedom that love brings to us reigns in the heart of many, as the community of life comes together in the oneness of all. To feel the breath of life in every moment and to live the essence of ‘now’ is to live within the heart and shine from the soul.

We are all blessed in the same way despite our differences in colour, creed or religious belief, we awake each day to the rising of the sun, the sound of the dawn chorus, the freshness of a beautiful new day, the gift of the sun rising in the sky and the gentle warmth that it brings to the dawn of our day.


Quiet your mind and allow it to be guided by your heart, be aware of who you are, your surroundings, your breath, feel the Qi energy flowing throughout your body, the pulse from our heart the gentle sounds in your ears, be at one with your mind, body and soul, give yourself praise, give yourself unconditional love and truly care about your own wellbeing and happiness. Follow your intuition, bring your mind to the ‘Now’ take a brief moment to be thankful for your new day, for the gift of love, for your happiness and give thanks to everyone that is special to you, your friends, family and loved ones, give your thanks with passion and seek guidance from the source of your inner love. Listen for its advice as it speaks to you through the darkness of night and the cold rain swept days. Seek out your inner child and listen to your emotions as they speak to you and teach you what is real and what is illusion. The heart will feel for you, the soul will know and the body will do.

Learn to live your life in a balanced way where your mind, body and soul are as one and in perfect harmony and flow as is ‘Ying and Yang’. Balance; like ‘Ying and Yang’ is critical for your wellbeing and your bodily and spiritual health, take your time to be at one with your health, allow it to talk to you to tell you where problems lie and how to address the weaknesses.

Give your love freely each day, Love thy neighbor, love thy spouse, love thy friend and love thyself. By living life in a loving way each day, it brings us joy, happiness and more love in return. ‘Karma at its very best’.


The recipe for happiness and a joyful, compassionate life are based upon living our lives in unison with others, keep truth, honesty, compassion for others and love in everything your do and you will always be blessed in return. Leave your doubts and fear behind you and reach for the stars.

Enjoy the journey of life, it is special, it is yours and yours alone, only you can make it a success. Live it well my friends.



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