14 Worth While Statements to Follow

Published 07/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



Dream More. It’s great to dream, to visualize what we would like in our lives, its also nice to visit beautiful safe places in our dreams, our ideal world. etc.

Complain Less. Oh Yes, I fully agree with this one, but our Ego’s will argue against this point well! Be happy, Be Positive, Be Grateful and Give Thanks.

Listen More. Empathy is all about listening, my father told me when I was a young boy. ‘You have two ears and one mouth, use them in those proportions’!..Listen with the intent to understand, and your empathy will grow to your benefit.

Talk Less. Ah, this is an interesting one, ‘Talk is Cheep’ as the old saying goes!. Only talk when you have something useful to offer..Listen, think, then talk.

Love More. When Love is in your heart, you will be happy, give Love and you will receive Love….Simple as that .

Argue Less. Something that we often learn later in life! We go through our lives arguing about things of little importance and loose so much time in the process.

Hope More. Hope for the future, Hope for a better world, hope for peace…But action speaks too, so put some action behind your hope and it / they may come true.

Fear Less. This is an interesting one, Fear is often controlling our future, holding us back from a better, happier way of life, Fear can be overcome, one step at a time, put fear behind you for what it is…NOTHING! And it has no place in our lives.

Relax More. Give yourself some quiet time, meditate, have happy thoughts, be a child again and enjoy that moment in your life..and please do it as often as possible.

Worry Less. Worry get’s you nowhere, Worrying accomplishes absolutely nothing, worrying is destructive and can make us physically sick, the time we waste on worry, can never be reclaimed.

Believe More. Have trust and believe in yourself, push away your fears and doubts, celebrate yourself.. You can do it; you can achieve it, You Can, You Can, You Can.

Doubt Less. Doubt like Worry gets us nowhere, you need to make a decision when doubt comes knocking, don’t just sit there and worry.. Make a decision, trust your intuition and seek advice from your heart.

Play More. Get out and enjoy your life, celebrate your life with your family and friends, it’s never too late to play, play is not just for children, have some fun, bring some joy and happiness into your day and smile J

Work Less. We all have to work, well, the majority of us anyway! What I mean by ‘Work Less’; is, don’t become a slave to your work, take as much time out as you can to live your life, try to find sometime to stop working and see your life and give thanks for what you have in your life right now and don’t waste your time working for what you don’t have in your life; because when you achieve that thing in your life you will just want more…and on and on it goes!







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