Is it a difficult choice ?

Published 17/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Have you ever seen extreme poverty and hunger with your own eyes? I don’t mean on TV or on a Youtube video? Right there, in front of your eyes, to see that child or the adult sift through garbage with their bare hands and scrape a few mouthfuls of contaminated food scrapings!…I can tell you, it breaks your heart!


14 comments on “Is it a difficult choice ?

  • Yes, I agree that much can be done to help one another. Most importantly we must remember when we see someone who is experiencing homelessness or hunger, we help them remember who they are. We don’t have to speak aloud as we see them, we can let them know through our thoughts (this is how powerful we are, we can communicate through our thoughts) as we pass them by and or giving them money or food. These children and people are divine, magnificent and powerful beings and have only forgotten. They need help waking up just as I needed help. I continue to remind myself who I am when I’m experiencing fear. Namaste, Pam

  • Especially when some people have millions of dollars and can buy luxury goods. I don’t think any of us should have luxury if people of the world are hungry, it is just so inhumane. May all people be blessed, and fed and have all their survival needs met and then some.

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    Here are my thoughts. In my experience, I had seen great devastation of hunger and poverty in the most unlikely places. I seen mental illness in the poor and homeless left untreated and neglected. With the right compassion and understanding and proper tools, we can help the degraded feel more to their own true source, to help them remember they’re humans and a part of society.

    Money is a tool that can be used for great changes, but the energy is often abused in the name of corporate greed and riches and goes into the pockets of the elite in the hierarchy, of those have power over people who are the commoners. From my highest heart, I wish we, the collective humans learn to stop using money for military weapons, weapons use to hurt other people, and use it to help humanity grow and prosper into a better civilization. Say no to violence today and yes to peace.

    • I wanted to pick them up and take them home with me, but of course you cannot do that for everyone you see and i have seen so many, it truly brakes my heart when i see this. All i can do at that moment is give them food, water and any clothing i can find nearby, just a cup or small bottle of water, some bread, fruit or whatever is easiest to hand and anything that can help them. The problem is everywhere, not only in countries like Africa and India, its local to us all just often hidden from our site..I do feel so badly about the waste we have in this world and the greed of the people, companies and government officials at the top of the so called food chain 😦

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