Can we make ‘Compassion and Love’ for Others a Habit?

Published 18/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit







My dear friends,

Following on from my post on the 17th July    ‘Is it a difficult choice?’    I was answering a comment from a blogging friend re compassion and I thought,  ‘Can we make ‘ Compassion and Love a Habit?’  …..And here we are, with that thought clearly in my mind I thought I would ask you the same question.

Question:     ‘Can we make ‘ Compassion and Love a Habit?’

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this really important question, because if we can come up with answers to this we could be on to something and then find a way to get the message out via our social media groups and contacts to the world.

Please feel free to add your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, because together we are strong, and together we can make a difference and together we could bring compassion and love to others and we can make compassion and love a habit 🙂

Namaste my friends


8 comments on “Can we make ‘Compassion and Love’ for Others a Habit?

  • I believe we can make having compassion and giving love a habit. This takes work and the question is do I want to do the work? Many times on my spiritual journey, I’ve given up on myself. I’ve found the more I learn, come to understand and see, each time I gave up my emotional pain was more intense. In order to have compassion and love oneself (only than can one truly love another) is to undo the shackles that keep you from having compassion and giving true love. The shackles are my judgments against others and myself. Everyone on this planet is my brother and sister (my soul mates). They are here to help me remember my true being who expresses love and compassion naturally. I see when I judge another I’m being handed a gift. I’m given the opportunity to see what lie I’ve accepted for myself that I’m choosing to project on my brother and or sister. Looking at one’s judgments isn’t always an easy task, and can be emotionally painful. I’ve learned while doing the work I’ve had to see when I defend, have an excuse and or lie keeps the light from coming in and only perpetuates my beliefs (judgments). Although, doing the work brings freedom, the ability to have compassion, giving love freely, seeing all as equal, peace, and the opportunity to help others who want freedom. Our egos do not know the meaning of compassion or love nor does the ego care to know.

    • Well stated my friend. If we can notice our Ego’s, acknowledge them for being there then shut them away as not needed, then we can move on with the task in hand, have compassion for ourselves and others and give love directly from our hearts 🙂


  • I feel too we have to start with ourself, to have compassion and unconditional love for ourself, to observe our self and with compassion choose to accept ourself and be whole, be happy, be joyful… we then radiate our compassion out into the world… no need for words or deeds… energy expands and touches people hearts… its all about feeling…

  • For me it begins with self-awareness, or mindfulness, and the openness to change habits we have that are not fruitful, or not as much as we like to think. If we cannot be fully honest with those around us the next best thing is to be completely honest with ourselves. This awareness and honesty will result in the recognition of non-fruitful actions and therefore help us change them. But… change takes time. We should be kind to ourselves and remember to always take a deep breath when we feel we are getting back into those negative habits.
    To me it is all about mindfulness.
    What do you think?

    • Mindfulness is the centre for sure, we need to be able to control our ego’s, have compassion and love for ourselves then give out our love and compassion to others from our open hearts.
      Namaste my friend

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