A Question for you?

Published 25/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

3D Character and Question Mark

At the start of each day after waking up I always look up at the sky from my bedroom window and give my silent thanks to the world for what I have in my life, I bless my family, friends, business and clients I then go through to my kitchen and make smoothies for my wife and I, I wonder through to my home office and check my emails whilst drinking my delicious and very healthy smoothie. After checking emails I then meditate for about 10 minutes, I concentrate on my breath, focus my mind and think of what are my most important tasks that need to be completed today, I also take time to think about what I did yesterday, what decisions I made, were they in my best interest, what good did I do for my family, my friends and my business and what good did I do for humanity at large, I.e did I smile at people on the street, did I give a helping hand to anyone, did i provide encouragement or counselling to anyone…Did I make a difference to anyone’s life!

At the end of my session this morning I thought…What if I was given Carte Blanche, What if I had the money and the power to make a change to this world…What would I do and Would I be Up to the Job?

I’m sure these very questions have popped up in your minds too, so what would you do and do you think you would be up for the job?

I would be interested in your thoughts and areas that you would target first.

Namaste _/\_


18 comments on “A Question for you?

  • I enjoyed A Question for You, and reading your Aim. Very inspiring. Also wanted to thank you for liking my post, A Magic Wand and Broken Wing. And for following Mutley’s Great Adventure Blog. Best to you on you journey.

  • I would want peace and an end to suffering for all beings – how I would do that? I suppose such a task would have to begin with one small step at a time. Nice to meet you.

  • I would build and establish a full on-line voting system so that the general public could easily and safely vote online for every key decision being made for their country…that way we could then abolish most of the roles for elected representatives at local, state and federal levels – we won’t need representatives if we have a good direct voting system! Hopefully we would get better, faster, cheaper decisions – plus overly and unjustly powerful lobby groups would no longer be able to have so much power and sway. It would truly be a ‘people’s democracy’ in every country. hmmmmm dreaming – don’t think I would be up to all the push-back on this. All the politicians and power-mongers would come up with so many reasons why this wouldn’t and shouldn’t work. Much easier just to complain 🙂

    • Every great idea starts with the first voice my friend 🙂 Dream big, think solutions and one day we will make changes to this world not just for the benefit of the elite and those in power but for the majority and the less privileged all around the world. It is after all…. about time we changed.
      Namaste _/\_

  • Be an advocate for every poor, abused, oppressed person in the world… I really do not know if I would be up to it emotionally; I am sure it would affect me to see the pain. I recently was confronted with this and I was there, but I was blessed in the fact she just needed an ear and spiritual support, had she needed more resources, I would have been unable to do that, but carte blanche means having those resources 🙂

    • Even the simple fact of you having these positive thoughts to help others my friend makes you on step ahead of the rest and having ideas as to what you would do is even greater 🙂 Whatever you do, do it with love in your heart and you cannot go wrong. The spiritual support always comes along when we are in need.
      Namaste _/\_

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