Maintaining Equilibrium in a New World Rising

Published 28/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


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As we emerge as divine humans we are provided an opportunity to leave the false and self-destructive realties behind us. Or you might say beneath us. We are merging with our infinite selves, the ones who are gleefully existing in the new world rising. The world that has no clocks or rigid infrastructure. At this moment we are being encouraged to rapidly shift. There is no such thing as a “time for processing,” as all is moving exponentially fast. Many are now making peace with their unified self. The Higher Self is now apparent and showing up in our lives to provide a steady balance merging our equal parts, higher, mid and lower.

The purpose of our Higher Self is to assure that we triumph over our tiny self. The light within the channel of our Higher Self holds a wellspring of knowledge. This wellspring contains our finest assets and serves as a reserve for our personal insights and inner wisdom. It is the place for our sustenance.

“I am not enough” is a misconception of the lower self. The Higher Self is one with All That Is. The misnomer, I am not enough, is found within the self-judgment of this mis-identity. It lives in the realm of insecurity as in, I am less than. For example, observing the svelte, bronze tanned, youthful person on the beach, only ennobles one’s mistaken identity, reminiscent of a time when one was model-picture-perfect. These are the common misidentified thoughts of a self who says in their mind, “I once looked like that. And now I don’t, so I am not enough.” When one observes from this perspective they are aligning to their perceived imperfections. It is the lower self that fuels this false identity.
When one identifies with the Higher Self, the true self, they are less apt to put themselves through self-inflicted misery, spawning a self-defeating reality. The smaller, lesser view one has of them self, the tinier they become. When we become our largest self, we are capable of living a new reality. We are not our ego self in all of its self-absorption, rather we are a higher version of our self, strong, certain, confident and content.

We finally free ourselves from the bondage of our erroneous imaginings. We are set free from conjured up thoughts derived from the imprint and markings of a false facade and lingering projection not belonging to us in the first place. We are born to fulfill our highest potential. We are destined and endowed with the gifts to be our very best. This destiny became over clouded and provoked by both an inner and outer influence. One begat the other. Our ego became embroiled with the outer foolery promoting our insecurities, rather than building our finest qualities.

Time is an illusion designed to circumvent one from freedom and to separate one from their being-ness. The clock defines our very movement and disrupts our innate and simplistic state. When one operates in the un-defined moment they are more able to live fully. In the limitless flow of no-time one has access to unlimited possibilities and potentialities. In recent years an indigenous tribe in Latin America was found to be living in no-time. They had no concept of linear time. They were, uncontrollable. Their good fortune was living this holistically in their natural environment. Time insinuates a construct that forms one’s reality. Without time it is less likely one would shape oneself into a false reality.

The Higher Self lives in no-time. The lower-self lives in linear time, constricted and naturally vulnerable to lower thoughts and influences. We have been passed the task of rectifying these opposites throughout our lives. We are here to regain our foothold on an earth that is in transition. Much is transpiring and we are succeeding at this endeavor even though it may not appear so. Consult your Higher Self again and again. Use the technology bestowed to you from the onset. We are in the midst of our illumination. Prolific knowledge resounds from within. Choose your highest thoughts and stroke the genius within you. Maintain your equilibrium in unison. Encourage others, as they would encourage you. Be the light in a new world rising.

A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher copyright, 2013

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