Lesson of Time-Karma

Published 29/07/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


I found this image really fascinating and it got me thinking about Karma again. We often forget the old saying ‘What goes around, comes around’ or ‘Karma’ as it is better known in the east. We carry on with our busy daily lives, constantly pushing forward; our days and nights tracked by the clock, no time to think, no time to eat, no time for exercise, no time for anyone or anything else except for our need to succeed.
We trudge along day in day out forgetting about others as we push headlong towards the life of greatness that we all believe we need. I’m sure you also see this going on either with yourself or by people around and close to you….

But for what?

What is important to you?… take a few moments to think what is really important to you and your life, is it achieving the highest grade possible at school or university, getting the perfect job,earning as much money as possible each month, having the biggest office, the biggest house, the fantastic car, affording to dine at the finest restaurants, buy the fanciest of clothes, take the perfect vacation…or is it your life…your health….your family…your loved ones…your friends…..?

When was the last time you actually did some good? when did you last volunteer your services for free, when did you last hold a child with physical or mental needs, go to a hospice and sit with the patients, knock on an elderly neighbours door and see if they need anything, give up your seat on a train or bus for someone in more need of it than you….

When was the last time you did some good?

Take a few moments to think about Karma, ‘What goes around, comes around’…..

Living your life to the full does not mean reaching the highest place in school or business, it is not measured in how much money you have in the bank or how many precious things you possess….Living your life to the full is also about giving, giving a few moments from your busy day to someone or something else in need.



37 comments on “Lesson of Time-Karma

  • Hi Mark,beautiful inspirational blog.thank you for following my blog .looking forward to read your new posts about the journey.we are all travelers and one day the journey will come to an end.Jalal

  • We are living in bubbles of isolation where community living has been put on the back seat. The result is the increasing use of the computer, iphones, ipads, and shallow friendships. So many people are suffering from depression from this weird lifestyle, it is not a joke. No wonder depression is the disease of the age Thanks for your post Eve

  • Doing for others should be as natural as breathing. Good things come to you all the time you only need to reconize it. It would be wonderful if more people took heed to your advice. Thanks for following. 🙂

  • Ah you preach what I live and cannot understand how more people do not give…volunteer..the rewards are abundant…truly I get back so much more…so I would not even say it is altruistic but healing to my soul as well. Namaste and thank you for following my blog, Oliana

  • Thanks for the follow and I really enjoyed this post. I don’t care about material things at all. I’d rather be loved and to love. I’d rather have my health, that I no longer have. I’m a people pleaser so I enjoy it any time I’m able to help anyone in any way. I’m a much better giver than receiver. I got this Karma thing down. Everything you said is Correct, as far as I’m concerned. I look forward to following your interesting blog.:)

  • Hi Mark, Thank you for following my blog. I’ve been looking around on yours and I really enjoyed it. This quote and post is magnificent. I got a smile while reading it but at the same time it reminded me how hard it is to follow this as we live under a constant pressure of our environment. It’s not always easy to be the odd man/girl out.
    If it’s ok with you I would like to reblog this post? Thanks for letting me know.
    Cheers, Virginie

  • Oh Mark smiling so widely with your most excellent post.. It seems that the Universe is talking to many of us this week on WordPress as our blogs are on similar themes… I just posted one called ‘Pressing the Rest Button here http://wp.me/p16xW7-TY
    Where I too am asking similar questions… Saying its not what we can get out of life.. but what we put into it that counts….

    Loved your thoughts and loved the quote..
    Blessings Sue xox

  • The word Karma literally means action. It may appear that Karma is happening to us, as if some outside force is causing good things or bad things to come to us. However, it is really our own inner conditionings and processes that are leading us to experience outer effects or consequences in relation to our own actions.Peace 2 u dearest one, an many blessings 🙂 Q . http://www.swamij.com/karma.htm

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