Dog eat Dog World

Published 07/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



The other day I was talking to a business friend about the seeming rise in bullying in the workplace. “Well”, he replied, “it is a dog eat dog environment this business world we are in.” I was quite amused at the expression. Not that I had not heard it before but rather it had taken on new dimension for me and also my surprise that it was somewhat accepted in the workplace as normal everyday practice.

It may well be a dog-eat-dog world but do we have to live like dogs? When we were born we were given the gift of humanity yet somehow we seem hell bent in reversing to animal instincts. It only takes one of us to reclaim our humanity with our potential for a Higher Mind then the dog will eat out of the hand that feeds it and may even recognize its true self in the reflection.

Recently, we were walking close to our home when we came across two dogs viciously fighting and drawing blood one from the other. “Quick” called my wife. “give me the biscuits from the shopping bag Let’s feed them” as she rushed towards them with hands outstretched offering them the biscuits. “This is like dharma food for them”, she smiled. The food of the Bodhi Mind is the only nutrient that can bring us back to humanity.

Mahatma Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But if we live like this we will be a world full of blind and toothless people.” Dog eat dog. If we behave like this we will all eventually become the way we behave – dogs.

That is the law of Karma.



12 comments on “Dog eat Dog World

  • An insightful message Mark, and yes blind and toothless both! ….

    Sometimes though I think Dogs are even better than us Humans, for the can also Love Unconditionally be extremely loyal despite their treatment. And they live live completely in the NOW… unlike many of us….

    Give a Dog a bad name!… ?

    There a many a Human I fear whose temperaments are much worse than our four-legged friends… Who do have ‘Food for thought’ and yet still they Bark! uncontrollably … 😉

    Wishing you a wonderful week Mark

  • I agree, and I work in a high school with teens, and boy-oh-boy, I try my best to spread the peace and higher picture than the ME ME ME that seems to be the mind-set of the young person, It’s amazing, we are born with a peaceful heart, then we live our middle years and what I call “the lost years” because we are “finding our path”, then in our older years, we seem to find our peaceful heart again. Maybe it’s the souls journey that it needs to “find” and “learn” a few lessons in the lost years,. I once read a book that our souls are reborn over and over again until it learns all the lessons it needs to learn and then it is set free in the land of ….. well, I guess we call it heaven 🙂 maybe, just maybe…

  • This is a very important message and reminder thank you Mark. It is easy to become “immune” to unwholesome behaviour especially when it appears to be accepted as a cultural norm in the workplace or home or anywhere. We as individuals must practice true mindfulness. – being awake to what is wholesome and unwholesome and continually training our own minds to right thinking, speaking, acting…….

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