Sow some seeds of Love

Published 26/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


When we genuinely wish another person love, wellness and happiness we are creating good Karma and sowing the seeds of long term Peace and Happiness. Just think! – If every person in the world took just ten minutes to wish another person peace and happiness, then for ten minutes this world would be crime and violence free for those ten minutes!

Kindness Cards and Wish Cards are ways by which we can sow the seeds of peace and create the flow of Good Karma in our lives. I just love watching the face of somebody light up like just-switched-on-Christmas-tree lights when I send them a Wish Card or Kindness Card with simple words like ‘I’m Thinking of You each and everyday’, I wish your days are filled with Love and Happiness’, ‘Peace and Joy my Friend’, ‘My Love for you is Endless’, ‘I’m always with you’, ‘Our Hearts, Minds and Souls are Connected every minute of everyday’…and so on.


The gift of Happiness is one of the most precious gifts we are able to give another human being and even more when another contemplates what has just happened to them and then wants to pass on the gift to yet another person. This is gift is the heart of the Mindfulness. In meditation we become Mindful of the suffering, pain, disappointment and despair of others and cause this to dissolve our self-cherishing/ego nature – a bit like an effervescent soluble aspirin dissolving in a glass of water. Then we imagine ourselves to be a Wishing Jewel wishing the causes and conditions of happiness for others. For a split moment when we take on the suffering of another and become the wishing jewel we dissolve another piece of the self-cherishing part of ourselves; which locks us into our own cocoon of despair and unhappiness. Why don’t you create a set of Wish Cards that you can send on to your family and friends? Send them via text or video message and watch the joy that they create ☺ Go on…give it a try, sow some seeds of Peace and Good Karma today.

I wish you all, love, joy and lives filled with deep Happiness.


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