Why oh Why are we still allowing this Trade?

Published 27/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



Why, Oh Why are will still allowing this type of trade to happen?

Please read this shocking article by Derek Mead The Rhino Horn Crisis and the Darknet

I’m sure we can collectively bring an end to this and many more shocking practices or poaching and animal cruelty!


6 comments on “Why oh Why are we still allowing this Trade?

  • I was privileged to go on safari in Tanzania 2 years ago, and knew I was a guest of the wildlife there. To see them in their habitat, unencumbered, was utterly beautiful. I felt at home there – “at one” – and to have the peace shattered by poachers is sacrilegious. This slaughtering must end. Thank you for reminding us of this on-going tragedy.

      • I hope so Mark! I was very distressed over the picture of the guarded rhino yesterday it really hit me hard even though I’d already adopted a rhino the other week. I’m trying to raise awareness. Thanks for sharing the article.

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