Let Go and Grow

Published 31/08/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Let Go

We all do it!…Hold on to memories, good or bad, problems, issues, traumas, past experiences that tie us down and stop us from flying free, but why?

It happens to the best of us.

We do our best to be positive, to meditate, to be in the ‘Now’, in the ‘Moment’ we try to push away the past, forget about thinking of the future and live for today, for this special ‘moment’ in time that we are experiencing right here, right now.

But then it comes back to haunt us again, our ‘Ego’, testing us, bringing us to task and remembering to remind us of the past and to re-direct our thoughts to the future too…

I was again at this very point yesterday morning, questioning myself yet again, ‘Why Me, Why Now’..testing my inner self re my own spiritual journey, the pathway i’m on and the reasons why i’m walking this pathway of spiritual healing. Also questioning why I have been blessed (or is it cursed) with these gifts that have for some reason been bestowed on me!… So to gain some clarity and to help stop my Ego in its tracks I decided to meet with a Buddhist Monk friend of mine yesterday, we sat, meditated, shared our passions for humanity and talked about this and that, we shared stories, we laughed and we smiled, a lot 🙂 I opened my heart, I cried a lot especially regarding my own suffering for the suffering i see and feel from others, we discussed my journey and my mission. We prayed and shared the spiritual love and compassion of the Buddha and then it happened, as if by magic….A clearing of my mind, peace and Joy was once more back in my heart and in my mind.

My Ego was gone and I was in the ‘Now’ once again, I let myself…. ‘Just Be’…

Namaste my friends

May your weekend be filled with Love, with Joy and may your face be filled with the most wonderful Smile 🙂

love and blessing of pure positive energy

10 comments on “Let Go and Grow

  • Hello Mark — I resonate deeply with your post — i am going through a similar cleansing/purification/tapas — and it is all the Ego being burnt in the fire of the Self. I live in the shadow of Arunachala, the sacred hill that millions to be Shiva incarnate (or rather, Ultimate Consciousness) — and the promise is that if you are a sincere seeker of light, He will burn your ego so you can experience your true Self – which is no less than pure existence-consciousness and bliss (sat-chit-ananda). I feel suffering intensely — mine and others — and it is only through the spiritual path that opens up to one that one can make sense of this whole seeming cosmic chaos. More power to you!

    • _/\_ miraprabhu

      Thank you so much for sharing with me, we will become stronger together from sharing these experiences and with the help of Shiva and the Buddha burn our Ego’s for the benefit of humanity.


  • Lovely. I had a night filled with vivid and complex dreams with many characters from my life playing parts, all those I have tried to “help” before. Then this message before I woke: “Ego is a trapped passenger who will never pull at your ear.” Still pondering it…there is lots of truth to it.

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