My Home Alter, What does yours look like?

Published 15/09/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

Namaste My Friends,

Here are some photos of my home alter, a place for me to sit, to think, to meditate, a place where I give my daily thanks for all I have in my life, where I pay my respects to my past family members, friends and spiritual guides.

I would love to hear your comments and to also see photos of your home alter, your peaceful place/s, let’s share the beauty and calm with all our friends and help raise the spiritual vibration between us all 🙂






17 comments on “My Home Alter, What does yours look like?

    • Thank you my friend. They are very special to me because I took my father elephant trekking in Thailand at the age of 81 and that was where we bought them from, he passed a year or so later so they bring me very fond memories or him and that special time together 🙂

  • prayer is a journey within to become ray of divine ……. beauty of a prayer place is basic step …… and your step is silent ……. reflects your inner silence ……. love all.

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