The Domino Effect: When You Absorb The Negative Energy Of The World

Published 18/09/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

A very interesting post from a blogging friend of mine pinkdivamamacita 🙂
Protecting yourself from energy Vampires is always worth remembering because its so easy to put your life and soul into helping others without realising the consequences to your own heath and intuitive strength, especially when you are supporting and helping people who are personally close to you like friends and family.




Have you ever  lent an ear to a friend or family member going thru a hard time only to find that once you were finished consoling that person you were left feeling anxious, drained, and negative?

This happened to me recently and I was in a state of emotional catastrophe for days afterwards.  I wasn’t sure what was going on until I came across a post online about “emotional vampires” or “energy suckers” as they were called, and an even more interesting word, “empath”.

I thought I was doing something good.  Creating great karma for myself.  Lending my ear.  Expressing concern, care and giving solid positive advice to the circumstance that was plaguing my friends mind.  Why was I feeling like I had just been hit by a bus?!

Everything in this world has energy.  People, plants, animals.  Everything gives off energy.   Everything absorbs energy.  The energy that I…

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3 comments on “The Domino Effect: When You Absorb The Negative Energy Of The World

  • Yes have your energetic shields up. I have a sweet friend but something dark got into her and the last time I spoke with her, dark toxic energy was pouring out. I had to put the phone away from me. I haven’t wanted to speak with her since, because I just don’t want that toxic waste coming my direction.

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