The Lost Art of Communication, it Breaks Your Heart

Published 23/09/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

I’ve posted on this subject before but when I saw this short video from Thailand it brought tears to my eyes again….Why oh why do we continue to act this way? My wife and I went out for lunch yesterday and everywhere we looked families, couples, parents and their children and teenagers were all doing this exact same thing…Texting, surfing the net, on-line gaming…but not communicating….It’s becoming a selfish world with no connection and no communication…No wonder were always at war, in conflict and people are homeless and on the streets…we have lost interest in each other. lost interest in communicating through body language and conversation on a face to face level..

So sad 😦



8 comments on “The Lost Art of Communication, it Breaks Your Heart

  • Because honest communication can be painful and makes one vulnerable and there’s nothing to hide behind? I was once warned by a vedic astrologer that if i ever wanted to get seriously involved with another, i would have to place communication first! Yery good work, Mark!

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