Drop your Phone and Get Yourself Outside

Published 29/09/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Going outside is good for your health in more ways than one. …Go on, treat yourself to some fun outdoors, take your children, your parents, your friends, the payback for your efforts will be appreciated later in life 🙂




9 comments on “Drop your Phone and Get Yourself Outside

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    A must watch! My doc rold me I needed more sunshine because my natural Vitamin D levels were dangerously low (funny thing is I hike, I power walk, and I volunteer in public lands, so I’m outside quite a bit). But once I was outside more with my grandson, chasing and running with him my levels improves drastically! I don’t feel as fatigued or mind “clouded” (like a “duh” feeling) and my energy levels are much better. So getting sunshine is absolutely healthy for you! Just make sure you do it at the right time of day, protect your skin, and drink plenty of water so you don’t dehydrate and make yourself sick (heatstroke).

    With that said….lets go play outside! 🙂

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