5 comments on “Speaking Out for Our Future

  • Politics has always been the last refuge of the scoundrel….i did my Masters in Pol Science and never touched the subject again once i left college — i wanted the REAL, not the unreal — the crap that floats to the top of our governments is a reflection of our own lower consciousness — especially in india, where people don’t care enough, or are too scared, to fight the bad guys — these creeps rule. but, in the ultimate analysis, i know they are writing their own death sentences — even if i don’t get them, the machinery of karma will. i say this because this was the only way i could make peace with the situation and continue with my inner work. One of the answers i have come up with is to teach, at the basic school level, the genuine teachings on karma and reincarnation — if crooks knew what they were REALLY doing when they lied, cheated, stole, murdered in the name of god and country — they might stop. Love and thanks, Mark.

  • Mark it is my belief that many of us have manifested a New Earth, and that they simple do not exist on it. Now are they still overlaid, very possibly am I still on their Earth, I don’t think so but I am here and they are on the news if I watched it which I don’t. Good they should shut down and go away out of my Earth. They will still have their dark, greedy, and destructive Earth because they wish it and all desires will manifest. So I say let them have their Earth but they will not be part of mine. Every since December the 12, 2012 I have focused on what I want and not what I do not. They will not capture or steal or take any of my energy. If and I say if the NESARA, off world positive et stuff were true then the power elite would have to shut down and leave. I don’t know but they are buggars.

    I want what you want, Peace, Joy, Harmony, and equality for all of the people of love. I don’t even wish bad for the bad guys, let them have whatever they want, just on their own Earth not ours.

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