Love is Love and it has No Boundaries

Published 19/10/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


Well, what can I say other than Congratulations to the happy couple.

I’m sure there are many people out there who for either personal or religious beliefs disagree with same sex relationships let alone marriage… but I say, who am I to judge! It is not my place to judge others and their choices in life, in fact I have enough challenges making choices for myself and my life without worrying about others and their choices. I watched this video and had tears, lots of tears, tears of Joy and Happiness as I watched the pure Joy and Happiness on the faces of the happy couple and their friends.

I wish them both all the luck in the world and all the happiness and joy that they deserve.

Love has no boundaries my friends and if we all realised that simple fact then I am sure we could start to make our world a happier place and a more peaceful place to live in.

Love to you all



6 comments on “Love is Love and it has No Boundaries

  • Mark thanks for sharing this hartwarming proof of LOVE. It does not matter how you love, as you wroe, love should have no boundairies. Neither for sex, age, religion, skincolor or what so ever. This is how love should be: heartwarming and overwhelming! BEAUTIFUL! πŸ™‚

  • I totally agree Mark, and I have many gay friends of box sexes, and I even presided over one a few years back in an informal Spiritual ceremony, As they both said their vows of commitment to each other… I wrote them a poem which I presented after I led the service in front of family and friends… A beautiful memory too….

    We far too often Judge….. Love is LOVE…. and we should practice the act of tolerance and love more often…

    Sending you my well wishes Mark..

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