The simple act of GIVING….What a difference it makes!

Published 31/10/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


The simple act of giving, to freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to without any expectation of something in return.

How often do you give?

Someone a call, a friend, a family member, a neighbour just to see if they are ok?

A donation to charity?

A gift of your time to someone in need?

Old possessions that you have been storing forever, that you thought maybe one day you will need?

A Smile to someone who has lost theirs 🙂 ?

Your unconditional Love?

Your talent? Trust me, you do have one; but maybe you have not sat down and discovered it yet!

Give in? …Forget the past or a problem and ‘Just Be’….to live in the now and Love who you are now!


We ALL have something to give but we are all too preocupied with time, ”Oh, that’s so sad,Im going to donate”, “I would love to help out at the hospital but I don’t have time”, “I wish I had time to work at the soup kitchen”, “I wish something could be done to save our planet”, “If only someone would do something to stop wars and bring about peace”…..and on and on it goes….Time or the lack of it!

I wonder how much time we spend surfing the net? shopping, watching TV and texting each week?….Many hours I bet….

Now think…

You could seek out some old clothes, or some old furniture and donate it to your local care home, charity shop or drop in centre…..Just think of the smiles your donation will bring to someone in need!…

How good will you feel?

Pick up the phone book, search out your local charities, children’s hospitals, care homes, old folks homes etc and give them a call or just drop by and ask if you can offer your time…..

Cleaning up your neighbourhood, maybe section out a piece of your garden if you have some to spare and get the local kids to plant some flowers and vegetables, then give them to those in need or sell them and give the funds to charity….

The ideas are endless, if you only have time and the passion to just


Namaste with Love my friends


11 comments on “The simple act of GIVING….What a difference it makes!

  • everyday, everyday, I try everyday, and I can tell in my own vibrations at the end of the day if I’ve given or not….. 😉 thank you, you are a wonderful inspiration to us all 🙂 Have a Happy, Peace in -‘s = Peace out …. Namaste my friend….

  • I loved it! I try to keep some small amounts of money in my car. I believe giving not only gives us an opportunity to see another side of life in the world. But an opportunity to share in the love that abounds if we just have a heart that feels and eyes to see.
    T his is so lovely

      • Indeed I perceive your heart.mind and spirit are just that. When I commented on Ruth’s blog, I have been away for little over two months. I thought in part she and you were in the same work. I am and always have been such a firm believer of these medicinal methods of health. Please keep on inspiiring and make the world the best it can be from what is within you to do.
        Namaste my friend
        Yisraela Please don’t go away. People like you are gems

  • I love this post! Thank you for such a beautiful reminder of the joy in giving. Thank you also for following my blog, I am honored and I am grateful that that led me to yours. I look forward to digging in more.

  • I loved this post. It’s a shame but it is very true that too many times We say things like, ” I wish.. or If only Someone would, ” as far as giving and charity in any form is concerned. To those people, especially the ones that love to say ” If only Someone would “, I’d love to ask Them, ” What about YOU ? ” There always seems to be too many excuses for not helping, but if You use Your mind, and just a little bit creativity, I believe there’s always something You can do to help someone. While I can’t get out of my apartment, except for my monthly trip to the grocery store when my Niece drives Me, still I hope that when I reach out to a Friend online, or call a Friend or Family member to see how They are, that those small things help. Also even though I really don’t write for anyone else except myself, still if someone read one of my posts and got something out of it I think that’s wonderful.

    • Thank you my friend 🙂 You are doing good and that can be felt through your words, you can touch peoples hearts with your words of Love…Keep on doing what you do and enjoy every minute of it 🙂

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