When did you last read a book to your child, take a walk in nature and..Talk?

Published 15/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

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2013, were living in a fast paced world constantly chasing our tails to earn a living, to put food on our tables, to put clothes on our backs and to buy even more technology, iPhones, Galaxies, Blackberry’s, iPad’s, iMacs, Mac Pro’s, laptops of all shapes and sizes, every bigger and more powerful desktop computers, larger flat screen TV’s, Xboxes, controllers, wireless gadgets, faster internet connections, everything online on a cloud…and on and on it goes.


As a race we are dis-connecting, dis-connecting from each other, whilst we remain connected via computers, tablets and mobile phones, we are sadly however dis-connecting from a human-to-human communicative perspective. Just take a look around you, you will see couples, families, groups of friends out together, sitting in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, parks but they are all fixed to their electronic devices, they make little eye contact, don’t often speak and very seldom touch, hug or even smile to one another…..Sad but true!


When was the last time you played with your child, with your brother or sister or your family friends children, played football, soccer together, threw a ball, sat by a lake fishing, building dens, secret homes inside or outside, went for a walk in nature, walked the dogs together, went swimming as a family, read a book together, drew pictures together?…I could go on and on!


If you have the chance, put your phone, your tablet and your Xbox aside this weekend and play some old fashioned games, speak to each other, re-connect on a human level and enjoy what life was and can be again because personal communication can be the start of making our world a better place, it can be the start of dialogue between countries, between political parties, it can help us eradicate our differences, bring us closer together and maybe even bring peace to our world.

Go on, give it a try!

 Namaste with Love



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