Wrong-Doing and the Mind

Published 19/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit



My dear friends,

Our Minds control our feelings, our feelings control our emotions, our emotions control our acts, our acts have effect on others, others react to our emotions and so starts the process of Karma, so if we act with aggression and hostility, we are likely to receive anger and hostility, if we act in a peaceful manner with empathy, loving kindness and compassion we will receive the same in return and our world will be a better place.

I send you my love and positive energy today and everyday, may your day be filled with love, happiness and joy 🙂

Namaste with Love



8 comments on “Wrong-Doing and the Mind

  • Ahhhhh…this quote speaks deeply to me today!! For a few weeks…my mind has been judging some of my thoughts, words or actions. Spirit has been telling me repeatedly to “Let it be”…meaning don’t give attention to the inadequacies that I perceive. But I never realized that IF i can learn to truly “Let it be”…the inadequacies that I perceive CEASE TO BE!! That is a powerful new understanding. THANK YOU for sharing my beautiful friend!!♥

  • This is so true and a lovely simple reminder thank you Mark that we create our future and the planet’s destiny with everything we think and feel. Let us therefore change our hearts and minds, for just changing our behaviour is like ‘painting over rust’. Am chanting a lot right now about people (including me, sometimes) who ‘act with aggression and hostility’. And realising that often the people we struggle with most share the same pain as us and that when we accuse the other, we are usually ‘shouting at the shadow’. So, perhaps we could say instead to our enemies: “Fellow Buddha, let’s fight this shared pain together. Let’s transform this poison into medicine. Let’s both win!”
    May your day (and heart) also be filled with love, happiness and joy!

    • Thank you David. Sometimes just the simple act of taking one step back, and stopping to think for a brief moment before we respond or speak out is all that is needed and what makes the difference between peace and hostility.
      In my line of work, i come across both Nee Jerk reactions and responses caused by lack of Empathy and thought for the other persons opinion or need and also well thought out, well delivered responses which come from the heart and not the Ego 🙂 I agree with you in that ‘we’ should fight the pain together through ‘Empathy’, ‘Listening with the Intent to Understand’ and transform the poison into medicine through dialogue and actively working together in ‘Partnership’ not a ‘One Sided’ winner takes all approach that we see in all conflicts around our world each and every day!
      Namaste my friend

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