My Garden would be growing peace, love, harmony and joy, how about yours?

Published 20/11/2013 by inspiringyourspirit

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growing hearts

The heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love. What seeds will you plant there?

Take a moment to think of your heart as a garden and decide what your would like to see growing in your own heart, I would like my garden to be filled with peace, harmony, happiness, joy, music, dancing, nature, the sweet smells of summer fruits and summer flowers, the spring morning jew on the freshly cut grass, song birds in the air, bees and butterflies gathering nectar, the soft summers breeze rustling through the leaves on the willow trees, and brightly coloured fish splashing about in the lake dotted with beautiful lotus flowers in bloom and a rope swing made for two under the shade of a big old oak tree where My and I can rest together and enjoy mother nature in all her glory.

What would you have in your garden?

Namaste with Love



11 comments on “My Garden would be growing peace, love, harmony and joy, how about yours?

  • Just Roses for me. Climbing around the outside walls and every variety within. The scent is intoxicating and so is the sight of the butterfly’s as they flit around

  • When I am in my garden, I am filled with peace and contentment. For I loose myself within the tasks as I so enjoy being in nature, nurturing, planting, tilling the ground… I enjoy nothing more than eating the produce we grow.. and create quite corners of colour in the summer to sit until the dusk and Moon come out when I light a couple of candles to enjoy the still evening air.. ( which this summer we were able to more with the glorious English summer we had )..
    What more could I wish for than the Peace and fulfilled heart to sit in ambiance and listen to sounds of nature… Heaven! 🙂

    • Hi Sue, alas that’s what i miss so much by living in Shanghai, a very vibrant city but a concrete jungle all the same; so it’s difficult to find the peace with nature as you so eloquently describe 😦 For me, I need to think of nature, brush past some trees from time to time, go to a park when i have the chance or just sit and meditate in my local Buddhist temple. I guess, peace is where you find it, we can all find it, if we are able to open our eyes and our ears and enjoy whats often right in front of us each and every day 🙂
      Namaste my friend

  • Its funny you would post this now. A real garden takes extraordinary planning and knowledge of the world around you. Here, even though it’s the beginning of winter, you have to plant sweet peas to have blooms in the spring. The garden inside you takes as much planning and knowledge.

    • Thanks for your comment Sheila, yes i agree gardening does take both knowledge and planning and yes for sure the same applies to our internal human garden, we need to tend to our health, provide nourishment to help nurture our growth, train our behaviours for our development and cut back and thin out hard at times to get rid of unwanted attachments 🙂


  • My Father in Law had his garden landscaped by a well known LS Gardener who proclaimed that it would be ‘self sustaining in ecological balance’ mind you he also had a gardener once a week!
    So the garden of my heart would be an ancient walled garden like the one I enjoyed as a child, producing all the fruits and vegetables with a summer house where I could sleep in the warm summer nights falling asleep gazing up at the stars. I love music but the music in my heart garden would be natures own orchestra of the wind in the trees, the many birds who blessed our bird table and even the cheeky vixen who would jump the low garden wall from the woods beyond and shriek her presence in the early hours echoed by our own two bitches. The flowers would be in graduated shades of rainbow colours with perfumes of lavender, lilies and roses and the energy of the garden, the energy of my heart, would be of peace, harmony and loving unconditional welcome, self sustaining of course! Love, David

    • David, a magnificent and very eloquent description my friend, i too enjoyed a childhood like this especially at my Grandfathers house so your garden would be very dear to me too 🙂

      Namaste with Love


  • my garden would be Irises and roses. There would be the scent of pa chula oil. There would be just enough sun and a gentle breeze. When someone sat in the garden they would be infused with peace, love, forgiveness. No one would remain unchanged. Hugs, Barbara

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