How do I live a Happy Life!

Published 16/12/2013 by inspiringyourspirit


My Dear Friends, From time to time I am asked what can one do to live a happy life. There are 10 things that have helped me and 3 ‘stances’. You may not agree with them or they may or may not suit everyone – that is OK.

1. Meditate regularly. Chose a style that suits you and stay with it.

2. Be a ‘gift’ to the world.

3. Encourage regularly.

4. Keep fit.

5. See the ‘gift’ in all things.

6. Live simply.

7. Have a routine in accord with nature.

8. Do random acts of kindness.

9. Know how your mind works (it’s all stories!)

10. Have a sense of humor.

Three Stances:

1. Love widely.

2. Listen deeply.

3. Set your values highly.

Namaste with Love



10 comments on “How do I live a Happy Life!

  • “2. Listen deeply.”

    I’ve been learning this last year just how critical this is to understanding, and that without understanding, I may not love correctly.

    It is a good reminder for me today. The next person I speak with, I will have “Listen deeply” in mind.

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