Showing your appreciation can even save a life!

Published 08/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit



As the picture above says, expressing our appreciation with words, a smile or a hug costs so little and means so much, they can make someone’s’ day or even change a life.

When was the last time you showed your appreciation to others around you? When did you last give someone a pat on the back and praise for a job ‘Well done’?

In my job I often see people of every age group and in all levels of authority and ability who are longing for someone to show them appreciation, they are looking for a simple comment like ‘well done’, ‘thank you’, a smile showing you are pleased and happy with them, a pat on the back, a hug or even the warmth of a handshake showing you recognize them for who they are, all they do and all they have done.

Maybe we need to set aside a global day for Appreciation like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Teachers Day, Valentines Day etc., a day set aside for us to show our appreciations to the people around us, young and old, rich or poor, colleagues, family and friends… after all Compassion has no limit and Kindness has no enemy.

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Namaste with Love


5 comments on “Showing your appreciation can even save a life!

  • So true! I think a day of gratitude and appreciation would be a wonderful thing to have, especially in our world now. Compassion Day…everybody has the day off to honor one another…no turning on televisions allowed 😉

  • This is so true. I was unbelievably hurt when my daughter informed me that PDA’s with my husband shouldn’t be allowed because it made her uncomfortable. Thankfully, now she has found ‘her special person’ PDA’s appear to be acceptable. Yet the suggestion is wonderful. How many people are wandering around and uncomfortable to see people displaying affection because they are lonely? A special day to practise showing care and love for others… it has my vote.
    Blessings Susan x

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