Guan Yin 观音菩萨

Published 14/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit



Guan Yin, Mother of Compassion in ancient Chinese culture, blows gently into your life, and should be welcomed as an eternal source of comfort and peace. Guan Yin’s values are about co-operation, sharing, balance, harmony and partnership; she is highly sensitive and aware. Guan Yin’s esoteric attributes are those of compassion, healing, and centering.
She lives in the heart chakra, standing in full acceptance, suspended in tranquillity, relishing joy in the silence .

Guan Yin is light and weightless – the qualities that result from highly tuned vales of tolerance and acceptance.She is here to tell you to release factors that inhibit you, that prevent you from connecting with others. Melt those walls of ice around your heart; forgive the person who you feel has committed a grievance against you; open your heart and radiate love so that love can come back to you.

 Close your eyes in a tranquil space. Visualise Guan Yin resting with the world on one shoulder, her cheek resting against it. She sees you, and you are drawn to the love radiating from her heart. She shows you how to take the world from your shoulders, hold it in your hands, and dance in joyful, carefree circles. You see the earth’s water rippling, the leaves in the trees blowing, the birds soaring without effort. Know this is happening purely thanks to your joy.

 When you walk through each day, remember Guan Yin’s presence whenever you see the soaring birds, the rustling leaves, the rippling waters. Use these triggers as a reminder to take the world off your shoulders, and to dance with abandon, with your face to the skies and
your arms in the air. 


I forgive
I radiate love
I am tolerant of everyone around me
I have great joy, and therefore great energy
My peace is shared peace
I am weightless and free of burden


Namaste with Love my Friends



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