Live your Life on Purpose

Published 15/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit



Emerging from my sleep like a butterfly awakening from the warmth and comfort of its cocoon

I awake.

I stretch my limbs like a flower reaching up towards the warmth of the sun; my arms reach out like petals unfolding to the heavens

I awake.

I step out of bed; my feet touch the wooden floor and the cold reality of dawn hits the soles of my feet like that first lick of an ice cream freezing your brain

I awake.

I draw back the curtains and the sunrise greets my face the glow softens my skin and makes me feel alive, my eyes focus like a new born lamb taking their first view of the world

I awake

I look to the sky and give thanks for yet another day of life, grateful for my awakening, ever grateful for my now and the opportunity life gives me

I awake

I walk to the bathroom and run the tap, the fresh clear flow of water greets me, I gather a handful and splash my face, oh the joy, a cleansing for my body and my soul

I awake

I can hear the calling from within my body as my stomach calls out to me triumphantly requesting fuel for the fire, sustenance for the day ahead

I awake

The fragrant smell of gently toasting bread and the heady aroma of freshly brewed coffee fill my senses, the joy stimulates my memory of what’s still to come

I awake

The gentle rustling sound of a knife spreading butter on crisp brown toast and the sweet nectar of honey greet my senses, my taste buds explode with joy as I take that first bite

I awake

At my alter I stand, I light a candle and place it carefully before my Lord Buddha, I bow my head and take a moment to reflect, my life, my day, my journey

I awake

I’m here ‘now’, in this moment of life, this moment is me, and in this moment I awake.

Namaste with Love



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