Hey You, Yes You…If your could escape, where would you escape to?

Published 18/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit



Hi Everyone and Good Morning from not so sunny Shanghai where the pollution level today at 11:13am is stated to be 225 Very Unhealthy with health warnings of emergency conditions. The entire population is more likely to be effected. Actually I think the true reading at this time will be more like 400+ but who am I to say!


Anyway back to my post for today 🙂

I would love your feedback, your comments and your thoughts on this one please because I’m feeling lonely here in my apartment looking out at this grey polluted sky 😦

So Escape! If you could escape, escape to anywhere, real or fantasy, where would it be to and why?


In my case, I would escape to the mountains, to the forest to the trees where I could breathe the fresh mountain air, fill my lungs with invigorating fresh life giving air to feel the cool breeze and the gentle warmth of the sun on my face, to smell the grass, the sweet intoxicating scents of nature, the flowers, the herbs, the soil. To watch the birds dance in the air, chasing each other from tree to tree from branch to branch, to observe the butterflies and the bees as they go about their daily task of collecting natures goodness and helping spread the love from one flower to another. And, to sit in silence, to hear the quiet, the gentle rustle of leaves as they sway in the wind, the sound of water flowing in the steams and the distant splash of a fish jumping after dragonflies as they skim over the lake, far, far away from the madness of city life, from the life of constant drive, noise, selfishness and anger away from the fast lane of life to where we were all destined to be, with Mother Nature, with Gaia…Home 🙂



Please let me know where you would escape to and why 🙂

Namaste with Love



13 comments on “Hey You, Yes You…If your could escape, where would you escape to?

  • I like to escape to nature too. I prefer a beautiful beach and the sea. Not those you see on tropic isles but one more like the wild Scottish coastline. Preferably with less good weather when you can enjoy the magestical power of nature. I like to feel the wind in my hair and to smell the silty sea.
    Blessings, Virginie

  • Yes, I would escape into whatever nature I could. The mountains and forests that still stand clean and uninhabited by those who would abuse their beauty. I would live hermit-like until like-minded people joined me and we would hopefully start over as wiser people.

  • I usually escape to our backyard … where I create most of my macro art, and from there, if need, I can escape to WaterForest and watch nature … but sometimes even that is not enough, but then there is no place to go — by the time we’d arrive at our ‘escape’-destination, the reason for escape has already left the mind. … Norway comes to mind, Iceland and New Zealand … overpowering nature, mountains and/or volcanic ativity …
    Be careful though for the ultimate escape, if there is no more way out, we will not need nature, because it will confront us even more with our inner reality, the one we always try to escape, then the only escape is someone who will help us without too many words, and with a listening ear, and perhaps a lifetime of hugs.

  • I would escape to the mythical “Middle Earth” of Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” as part of the band of brothers – warriors. That comraderie, fighting to the death against evil among ones you trust is the only place that feels like home to me ever since my days of combat many years ago. Not peaceful, but strangely comforting. Peace . . .

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