Perception…How do you feel other people perceive You?

Published 23/01/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

It’s all in your mind!

It’s all about conditioning, conditioning that starts at a very early age, it’s all about competitiveness and so called beauty! From our parents, our teachers, our so called friends saying we need to loose weight, be smarter, to wear different clothes, to have a certain hair style, to watch certain programs, to listen to certain music, to like certain things…..To COMPLY!

Do I look Pretty or Beautiful enough?

Am I too fat or too thin?

Should I wear different clothes?

Should I like this music?

Do I comply with the pictures I see in magazines, the stars and celebrities I see on the screen, the images I see on my phone?

No, No, No….

This is who I am!

You do not need to justify yourself to anyone!

You do not need to compensate who you are to fit in to how others think or say you should be!

Cool Kids, Ugly Kids, Pretty Kids, Geek Kids, Fat Kids, Skinny Kids, White Kids, Black Kids, Asian Kids, Handicapped Kids, Smart Kids, Challenged Kids, Rich Kids, Poor Kids…Judgement is done by how you look and what you have or do not have and not by communication and for who you really are!

Remember my friends, there is ‘Always Light out There’, you just have to walk away from the darkness that holds YOU back and go out and find it!

Sometimes your own worst enemies are from within your own skin, sometimes they share your own face and claim to love you but remember that/those hateful voices from within are not Love. ‘I promise you’, there will come a day when your fight is bigger than your fear, when you really start to claw your way out of your body to prove you exist. Leave that skin behind for someone else and design your own wings and remember you are a masterpiece, magnificent in your own glory 🙂


You are the ‘Light’

Let’s re-write these unspoken rules and break free, there is room for every type and everyone on this planet, so break yourself free from your chains and become you, yourself and stand proud in your own magnificence 🙂

Namaste with Love




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