3 comments on “Please, Stop Finning.

  • And on that brilliantly thought out concept under the guise of protecting us, and the fact that we supposedly get so offended by a few sharks, we really should start culling the people that kill people! Now there is something to get offended about and want to help fix! But if we start doing that it will only make us as bad as they are! They need to get their heads out of their wallets!

      • My apologies Mark, my comment was a bit over the top, I normally don’t ‘react’ to things but for some reason their priorities seemed so ‘unloving’ (is that a word?), it made me sad that anyone could be in that space and so far from their truth. But I suppose that is the journey we all must make. For the moment then, ‘head out of wallet’s will do’ 🙂 Namaste

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