When Words are Both True and Kind, They Can Change The World

Published 04/03/2014 by inspiringyourspirit

true and kind

Wise words from The Buddha

I intend for My Words to be both True and Kind, I always look to be compassionate and true in all my daily interactions, I know sometimes we can get frustrated and kindness can briefly flitter away from our mind and our intentions especially when someone is cruel or unkind to us, but if you practice kindness and give love and kindness in return to all then you will start to see the benefits and you will attract more loving kindness into your life.

How About You?

Namaste with Love

8 comments on “When Words are Both True and Kind, They Can Change The World

  • Beautiful words and so very true as always Mark. Thank you. I really needed this reminder today when I’m struggling. It’s something I try to follow every day. Like the film “Pay it Forward”, gratitude, kindness, love, all play a huge part influencing not only ourselves but everyone we meet. (even energetically). A bright light in the darkness. Truly grateful.
    Susan ❀

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